Awarded 9/5/2013: $11.4M. Contract executed 6/5/2014.

U.S. DOT Announcement : FIU award of $11,397,120 for the UniversityCity Prosperity Project 

JPA to improve community transit vehicles [02/01/2016]  JPA one-year extension to imporve community transit vehicles [10/10/2016]

Revision 3 of ITPA Development Plan   ITPA Final Report 05/08/2017

FY2016-2017 UTMA Operations G0E24 Fully Executed  Draft CITT Ridership FY2015-2016 vs FY2016-2017 (3)-1  Sweetwater CTSA UTMA Signed 01/23/2017  FIU UTMA CTSA Fully Executed 12/28/2016

Contract[TigerGrant Award Agreement]. TigerGrant Award Agreement Addendum No. 1. Notice to proceedTIGER V FIU PIF Approval Letter  UniversityCity Prosperity Project Final Poster

State of Florida DOT LAP Agreement Executed   Public Transit Service Development Program Grant Award Notice (FY2015-2016)

DOT Final TIGER_ITPA Phase1 Design and Development Plan Submission 2 (.docx file)

ITPA Work Plan as submitted to FHWA   FY2016-2017 FDOT Public Transit Service Development Grant

ITPA Agile Scrum Process Overview

FDOT Service Development Grant Second Year 2017/2018   1st UTMA Service Development Program NOGA   2nd UTMA Service Development Grant NOGA

TAP Presentation Draft 06-09-2016

  2013 UniversityCity TIGER Proposal and Award Documents

Proposal: UniversityCity Prosperity Project

Institutional Lead: SVP&CFO Kenneth Jessell

Principal Investigator: Dr. Naphtali Rishe


    Contract 6/5/2014

    9/5/2013 U.S. DOT awards FIU $11,397,120 for the UniversityCity Prosperity Project:

  • “PROJECT DESCRIPTION: TIGER funds will be used to support an innovative package of technology, streetscaping and transit improvements to connect the town of Sweetwater with Florida International University (FIU). Together they will increase access to jobs on the FIU campus and link two portions of campus that are currently disconnected. TIGER funds will be used to construct a new pedestrian bridge over a busy arterial road. These infrastructure improvements will support the economic growth of a major public research university and an adjacent small city.
    Utilizes innovative Intelligent Transportation System features to assist students, university staff, and community members to move efficiently to and through the FIU campus.
    Creates a complete street connection between two portions of the campus currently disconnected, including a new pedestrian bridge over a major street.
    Constructs complete streets improvements and campus walkways with a Boardwalk and Entry Plaza and Pavilion Project on campus.
  • “PROJECT BENEFITS: The project will facilitate transit use and safe pedestrian-oriented transit access via an advanced and comprehensive electronic wayfinding system. This unique and innovative combination of computing technology, transit station improvements, and pedestrian-oriented infrastructure will increase transit ridership and reduce congestion. This innovative approach to campus connectivity is a first-of-its-kind effort that serves as a model for other communities throughout the nation.”


UniversityCity Public Meeting - Friday, October 25th, 2013

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Initial Research Studies & Publications

UniversityCity Project and Charrette

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NEPA Process Letters & Documents


ITPA Scope Work - MDX $265,261

UniversityCity SAMS Documents

City Hall Intelligent Plaza & Parking Area (CHIPPA)


UniversityCity: FIU & Sweetwater, within Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Video: Transforming Public Transportation

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    Contact: SVP/CFO Kenneth Jessell and Dr. Naphtali Rishe
    Florida International University
    M. Maidique Campus, 11200 SW 8th St, ECS-243, Miami, FL 33199
    (305)348-1706; Fax: (305)348-1707