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2018-UIPOliver Ullrich, Naphtali Rishe, Daniel Luckerath. U.S. Patent No. US10061501B2 “User Interface for Co-Optimizing Weight Factors”. Application No. 14877379. Filed: October 7, 2015. Patent issued on: August 28, 2018. FIU-IP-1523. Summary: A touchable triangle allows a user to assign importance weights to three interrelated decision optimization objectives using a single gesture.
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1999-TMPEvgeny Vaschillo and Naphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent US5997482 “Therapeutic Method for a Human Subject” Application 09088155 filed June 1, 1998. Patent issued on December 7, 1999. Summary: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback. Spectrally analyzing heartbeat and respiratory rates , thereby defining a phase shift, causing the user to modify the respiratory rate by tending to minimize the phase shift, selecting a frequency of the displayed reference signal which correlates with the modified respiratory signal, and establishing an optimum reference signal displayed as a resonance frequency unique for the user upon approaching the zero phase shift between the heart signal and the modified respiratory signal.
1999-EOPNaphtali Rishe and Artyom Shaposhnikov. U.S. Patent US5920857 “Efficient Optimistic Concurrency Control and Lazy Queries for B-Trees and Other Database Structures”. Application 08905679 filed August 4, 1997. Patent issued on: July 6, 1999. Summary: Fine granularity concurrency control at the level of B-tree records for B-trees, B-trees with variable keys, and their applications, such as semantic and object-oriented databases.