Rishe Patents
2019-GSPNaphtali Rishe. “Geolocating Social Media.” Patent US 10191945 B2 issued 2019-01-29. FIU-IP-1219.
2018-VVPArmando Barreto, Naphtali Rishe, Francisco Ortega, Nonnarit O-larnnithipong. U.S. Patent US9900555 B1 “VRT: Virtual Round Table.” Application 15634560 filed: Jun 27, 2017. Patent issued on: February 20, 2018. FIU-IP-1708.
2018-UIPOliver Ullrich, Naphtali Rishe, Daniel Luckerath. U.S. Patent No. US10061501B2 “User Interface for Co-Optimizing Weight Factors”. Application No. 14877379. Filed: October 7, 2015. Patent issued on: August 28, 2018. FIU-IP-1523.
2018-RCPOliver Ullrich and Naphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent No. US9964948B2 “Remote Control and Concierge Service for an Autonomous Transit Vehicle Fleet.” Application No. 15429261 filed February 10, 2017. Patent issued on: May 8, 2018. FIU-IP-1626.
2018-PCPMingjin Zhang, Naphtali Rishe, Weitong Liu, Tao Li. U.S. Patent No. US10095724B1 “Progressive Continuous Range Query for Moving Objects with a Tree-Like Index”. Application No. 15672884. Filed: August 9, 2017. Patent issued on: October 9, 2018. FIU-IP-1706.
2018-GDPFrancisco Ortega, Naphtali Rishe, Armando Barreto. U.S. Patent US9886190 B2 “Gesture Discernment and Processing System.” Application 14555854 filed November 28, 2014. Patent issued on: February 6, 2018. FIU-IP-1429.
2018-ERPOliver Ullrich and Naphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent No. US9892639 B2 “Emissions Reduction in Vehicle Parking.” Application No. 14660283 filed March 17, 2015. Patent issued on: February 13, 2018. FIU-IP-1432.
2017-SRPNaphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent No.: US9734161B2 “Streaming Representation of Moving Objects and Shapes in a Geographic Information Service.” Application 14215484. Filed: March 17, 2014. Patent issued on: August 15, 2017. FIU-IP-1301
2017-FCPOliver Ullrich and Naphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent US9601101 B1 “Frequency Calibration for Audio Synthesizers.” Application 14847627. Filed: September 8, 2015. Patent issued on: March 21, 2017. FIU-IP-1507
2017-DRPOliver Ullrich, Naphtali Rishe, Daniel Lueckerath. U.S. Patent US9786173 B2 “Dynamic Routing of Transit Vehicles.” Application 14829021. Filed: August 18, 2015. Patent issued on: October 10, 2017. FIU-IP-1436
2017-AEPOliver Ullrich and Naphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent US9786175 B1 “Availability Estimation Method for Parking Lots Based on Incomplete Data.” Application 15252383. Filed: August 31, 2016. Patent issued on: October 10, 2017. FIU-IP-1625.
2014-CSPThomas F. Gustafson, Naphtali Rishe, Ramon Trias, Kenneth Stapleton. U.S. Patent 8915669. Issued 12/23/2014. “Cross Street Transit and Multimodal Multi-Level Station and Pedestrian-Oriented Interchange.” Application No.:13/907,085. Filed: May 31,2013. Patent Application Publication Date: Dec. 4, 2014.
2004-DQPNaphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent 6,795,825 “A Database Querying System and Method” issued 2004.09.21.
2002-DEPNaphtali Rishe. U.S. Patent 6,339,773 “Data extractor” issued 2002.01.15.
1999-TMPE. Vaschillo and N. Rishe. U.S. Patent 5,997,482 “Therapeutic Method for a Human Subject” issued 1999.12.07.
1999-EOPN. Rishe, A. Shaposhnikov. U.S. Patent 5,920,857 “Efficient Optimistic Concurrency Control and Lazy Queries for Databases and B-Trees” issued 1999.07.06.